Sunday, 4 June 2017

"We stand united, undeterred by the terror and violence"

As we were returning to some sense of normality following the brutal Manchester attack, we the people of Britain have been hit by the atrocities at London Bridge and the Borough Market. I am outraged, appalled and disgusted. During the blessed month of Ramadan, a bunch of cowards have again inflicted horror on our lives. This is not Islam. The Quran equates the taking of just one life with the killing of all of humanity. The sanctity of life is underlined in the Quran. We must guard all life, not just our own.
These coward terrorists respect neither life nor faith. They are indiscriminate in their killing. They care for no-one, not you or me.

They will never win. What will triumph is the spirit of the Mancunians and Londoners. Following the London attacks, we again witnessed the strength of solidarity between people of all faiths and none. A Muslim taxi driver rushed to the scene to take people home whilst he cried with his passengers. Muslim doctors treated the injured and Muslim police officers helped at the scene. Following the attacks, we witnessed many people remind everyone on social media about the reality of this situation - terrorists have no religion. At the time of the attacks, Muslims were breaking their fast and getting ready for their night prayers.

Our shared humanity must not be forgotten. We are one.
We stand united, undeterred by the terror and violence. We must not let such actions bring us to a standstill or turn on one another. That is what the terrorists want and we must never let them achieve this.
My prayers and thoughts are with all the victims and their loved ones.
Salma Yaqoob