Friday, 26 May 2017

Time to focus on the real issues

Local Labour Party activists sadly once more trying to bring campaign down to unhelpful Punch and Judy politics. Salma is focussed on her practical manifesto to reverse years of neglect and raise aspirations for Bradford West - prioritising education, jobs and community cohesion. Salma is proud of her principled track record and everything in her leaflet is accurate and sourced. She has been campaigning alongside Jeremy Corbyn on a range of national and international issues. The picture is from the time Salma was campaigning for Jeremy as Leader. It is a matter of record that in contrast, Naz Shah was going on national media attacking Jeremy Corbyn - the source of which is also given in the leaflet. No false claims relating to endorsements are made. 

Instead of spreading false allegations about other candidates and trying to intimidate using legal threats, perhaps she should focus on her own campaign and reach out to constituents on the issues that really matter.