Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Salma Yaqoob: 'Hate will not prevail, we stand together.'

'As we woke up today, there was still disbelief about the attack in Manchester. The shock, sadness and disgust at what happened will take time to come to terms with. For the families who have lost loved ones, this loss will always be there. This is a sad time for us all. The horrific act at the Manchester Arena was an attack on us all. It sought to divide us. But, the hate will not prevail; what will endure is the spirit of the Mancunians who opened up their homes and hearts, and the taxi drivers who refused to charge their passengers and drove them home. These selfless acts are a representation of our shared humanity. This is what unites us. We stand together, grieving at the loss of innocent lives and steadfast in the face of adversity, absolutely firm in defeating the evil.'
Salma Yaqoob