Saturday, 11 June 2011

Homophobia in Tower Hamlets: how a small group of bigots are trying to stitch up the East London Mosque

The picture of Tower Hamlets as a hotbed of Islamically-inspired homophobic violence – which has previously been promoted by Johann Hari, Graeme Archer, and which the LGBT activists' statement now tries to uphold – is just a myth. There were far fewer homophobic crimes reported in Tower Hamlets last year than in Westminster or Islington, while the percentage increase was much less than in a number of other London boroughs. There is no evidence that it is Muslims who have been disproportionately responsible for the homophobic crimes committed in Tower Hamlets. Nor is there any indication that those members of the Bangladeshi community who have engaged in homophobic attacks did so because of their religious beliefs. But it becomes clear that the purpose of the LGBT activists' statement is not to provide an objective analysis of homophobic violence in Tower Hamlets. Rather, their aim is to smear the East London Mosque as its source.
Typically insightful analysis from Bob Pitt at Islamophobia Watch.