Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The reality of war in Afghanistan

War on Want have produced a new report on the reality of the war in Afghanistan. Its findings challenge the pro-war spin most of our politicians are only too happy to swallow.

The intensified militarisation of Afghanistan over recent months has led not to more security but to greater insecurity, both in Afghanistan itself and increasingly in neighbouring Pakistan as well.

ISAF’s Director of Intelligence notes that “the Afghan insurgency can sustain itself indefinitely”

Women’s rights, which had improved following the ending of the extreme oppression of the Taliban, are also now deteriorating again. A major recent blow to women’s rights was the passing of the Shia Personal Status Law, which gives a husband the right to withdraw basic maintenance for his wife if she refuses to obey his sexual demands.

In Pakistan, the use of 'drones' has caused more than 600 civilian deaths – around 10 civilian deaths for every militant killed.