Friday, 11 February 2011

Mullaney's careless words

In an editorial titled ‘lasting damage of careless words’, the Birmingham Post reflects on David Cameron’s speech about multiculturalism. In it, they highlight the foolishness of Councillor Martin Mullaney’s attack on me:

“Birmingham councillor Martin Mullaney has made a fool of himself with his ill-advised attack on a fellow councillor, who happens to be one of the UK’s most prominent Muslim politicians.

He can criticise Salma Yaqoob for failing to stand up to applaud a decorated British soldier if he disagrees with her decision. There are many who may agree with him.

However, to claim that she supports suicide bombings – without a shred of credible evidence and despite her frequent condemnation of terrorism – is irresponsible at best and provides ammunition for those home-grown extremists who seek to portray Muslims as the enemy within.

Coun Mullaney hasn’t apologised. Lib Dem leaders should release him from his vow of silence so that he can do so – and then explain what disciplinary action, if any, they will be taking.”

It’s a question that many people will be asking. What are the Liberal Democrats going to do about Martin Mullaney?