Saturday, 19 February 2011

Afghanistan: The Crisis Deepens

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Rumours that General Petreaus is quitting  command of the US
forces in Afghanistan are an indication of the turmoil over Afghanistan policy.

The Petraeus' troop "surge" has not led to a military
breakthrough. Attempts to build up anti-Taliban Afghan forces are in tatters, after in-fighting broke out amongst rival groups in Helmand this week.

Meanwhile violence in Afghanistan is at an all time high. Recent figures show civilian casualties have increased by 31 percent since last year. The number of children killed in the war is up 55 percent.

Seven British soldiers have died in the last week -- hardly reported in the media -- bringing the total to 357, almost double the number of those killed in Iraq.

Fighting is due to restart in earnest in the spring and US Admiral Mike Mullen issued a warning this week that 2011 will be even more violent than 2010 -- the worst year of the war so far.
Stop the War is organising a day of protests on Saturday 12 March against NATO's involvement in Afghanistan. Stop the War activists will be out in town centres up and down the country calling for the troops to come home.

This is less than two weeks before the government sets a budget and a golden opportunity for us to protest the waste of  billions on a pointless war at a time of massive cutbacks.

If you would like to get involved in local activity on the March 12 Day of Action, please contact the Stop the War national office: 020 7801 2768 or