Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Well said Susan Phillipsz!

The artist Susan Phillpsz was awarded the Turner Prize last night, accompanied by dozens of student protestors who had occupied Tate Britain in protest at government cuts to the arts in higher education.

The prize-winning artist then used her acceptance speech to nail her colours to the mast, saying “education is not a privilege but a right...I think it’s harder to have an education because of the cuts and I support what they are fighting for.”

Contrast that to the response of Birmingham Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming. His constituency office was occupied for a few hours by student protestors. Never a man to underestimate his own importance, Hemming raised himself to new heights of pomposity by declaring he was “very likely” to vote for the tuition fee increase, “simply because we cannot reward the bad behaviour from today”.

Something tells me that John Hemming’s desire to “punish” student protestors for being so uppity might come back to haunt him. Let’s hope the only punishment to be inflicted will be by voters on the Liberal Democrats at the ballot box.