Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Unemployment is a nightmare

I was horrified to see the headline in today’s Birmingham Mail that read “Unemployed young are ‘likely to self harm’".

Reporting the results of a survey for the Princes Trust, the article says:

 “Disturbing figures have revealed the devastating effects of unemployment on Birmingham’s youngsters – with nearly a quarter admitting they have self-harmed while out of work.”

The survey found that almost half of unemployed young people had experienced serious mental health problems as a result of being out of work. And more than 1 in 10 said that unemployment had given them nightmares.

It is truly shocking to see evidence of such widespread distress among young people.

It is even more shocking because this is not the result of a natural disaster. It is a nightmare that is being deliberately inflicted on our young people by a government intent on a programme of social and economic vandalism.