Thursday, 23 December 2010

Unemployed need investment, not cuts

At the recent Sparkbrook Ward Committee there were thoughtful and impassioned contributions from the public about the levels of unemployment and poor job opportunities in the ward.

Unfortunately, this is the picture across large swathes of the country. A new report from the TUC says that the unemployed outnumber vacancies by more than 5 to 1 in many areas of the UK.

With thousands more facing redundancies in the new year, that situation is set to get worse.
All the more reason, you might think, for the city council to invest in services that provide advice and guidance for our young people on education, work, apprenticeship and training. Instead Birmingham City Council plans to make major cuts to the Connexions Service whose qualified personal advisers provide exactly these services. These are crazy cuts, designed to hit those most in need the hardest. These cuts can only undermine economic growth.

Staff at the Northfield and Broad Street Connexions offices are planning a day of protest and industrial action on 6th January. They are meeting outside the offices at 12.30pm, and will then hold a rally at the Council House at 2.30pm. Mark those dates in your diary. And to find out how you can tell Birmingham City Council and the government how important Connexions Birmingham is to you, visit