Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Campaign to Retain our School Services

Thanks Julia Kossowska from the Campaign to Retain our School Services for the letter below.

I am writing to express my concerns about Birmingham City Council’s proposed cuts to the central education services in Birmingham.  These services make a real difference to the children and young people of Birmingham and a significant contribution to school improvement in Birmingham schools. I believe that the proposals are to take these services out of the public sector and for this provision become a private company or co-operative.
 Services such as The Music Service, School Effectiveness, Arts Education, Health Education, Direct Services to Schools, Governor Support are recognised by schools as invaluable. If they were no longer part of Birmingham council's provision, what guarantee would there be that these would continue and also be available to those would couldn't afford them?  Because of this I will be supporting the Campaign to Retain our School ServicesThe children and young people of Birmingham benefit from these services which improve their learning outcomes and life chances and hopefully then be in a position to support the next generation. I would like to know what you consider will be the impact on equal access to resources and learning for the children of Birmingham. Please make sure that these services remain part of Birmingham City Council’s “Brighter Futures” and reconsider the proposals.