Monday, 8 November 2010

Sparkbrook's first virtual pharmacist

In England a phenomenal 1.8 million people visit their local pharmacy every day for expert advice on simple aliments and illnesses. Now there is even more help as the UK’s first ever virtual pharmacist is launched in Birmingham. ‘Mr Pharm’ is an interactive computer character designed to make easier the take-up of pharmacy services. I attended the opening of the initiative yesterday in my ward at Sparkbrook Pharmacy, 153a Stratford Road, B11 1AH.

Some of the many innovative features of ‘Mr Pharm’ are health information touch screens such as the ‘Diabetes Centre’ and ‘Picture Prescription’ which pharmacists requested to assist in dispensing medicines to patients who would prefer an alternative method to the written word. Both these new services are well needed in Sparkbrook ward.

As a local councillor I am constantly looking for new ways in which service delivery to residents can be improved. The Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Trust in partnership with Health Exchange CIC have come up with new imaginative solutions to the delivery of old services. They are setting an example that other public service providers can learn from.

Photo: John Morrison (Head of Medicine Management Heart of Birmingham Teaching Team, Councillor Salma Yaqoob and Angus Wrixon, Communications Manager Department of Health.