Friday, 19 November 2010

Mapping the cuts

The constituency of Hall Green - which includes Moseley and King's Heath, Sparkbrook and Springfield – has been told to cut £1.8 million from its budget in the current year alone.

Cuts like these are going to have a devastating effect on areas that already suffer higher levels of unemployment and deprivation.

But in Edgbaston – which includes Bartley Green, Harborne and Quinton – the cut is kinder, with £485,000 to go from the current year’s budget.

Why do Birmingham’s cuts appear to be hitting the poorest harder?  The council isn’t saying.

According to the Birmingham Budget Cuts website: “Birmingham City Council was contacted for an explanation of why savings targets are unequal across constituencies but a spokesperson declined the opportunity to comment at this time.”

There is a treasure trove of similar information on the Budget Cuts website. A critical part of building resistance to the government’s cuts is to know where and when the axe is falling. The site brings together news from across the city, and is developing an interactive map to chart the impact. It’s a vital resource for all those wanting to protect our jobs and services.