Thursday, 7 October 2010

Project Champion - public anger intensifies

Public anger about Project Champion is not going away. Residents attending Sparkbrook Ward Committee earlier in the week were indignant about the deceit involved in the scheme.

Many had attended meetings where they were told again and again by reps from Safer Birmingham Partnership and the Police that the primary focus of the cameras would be crime reduction.

As the Police's own report into Project Champion highlights, this was a fiction. Not surprisingly, people who were lied to are angry about that fact.

The meeting passed a motion calling for disciplinary action to be taken against those responsible for the deceit and reiterating the community's desire for the complete removal of the spy cameras. Campaigners are planning to intensify pressure with new protests. More details later.

Project Champion has massively damaged public trust in the West Midlands Police Authority. If they are serious about wanting to rebuilt it, we need to see action, not just words.