Saturday, 25 September 2010

Justice for Gary Critchley

Today's Birmingham Mail leads with the case of Gary Critchley. Gary was jailed in 1981 for a crime he has always denied. He was convicted of murder despite the absence of any forensics linking him with the crime and the fact witness statements blaming someone else were never heard in court. Private Eye magazine said about his case that 'few miscarriages of justice appear to be as blatant as the case of Gary Critchley. How a jury ever found him guilty, how the appeal court upheld his conviction and how the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) can now refuse to send his case back for further consideration is extraordinary.'

Gary has spent 30 years in prison. This incarceration has taken a very toll on his mental health and Gary is now being detained in a prison hospital wing. Campaigners are calling for a urgent re-assessment of his conviction. Find out how you can support them here.

Well done to the Mail for bringing this obvious miscarriage of justice back into the public eye.