Saturday, 14 August 2010

Desi Download - The Pakistan Floods

The floods in Pakistan and the response of England's Pakistani communities is the subject of a special half hour edition of Desi Download - the pick of the week radio programme and podcast produced by the BBC Local Radio Asian Community Specialist team. It includes eyewitness accounts, reaction from those still searching for loved ones and the relief effort being coordinated in Mosques and community centres from Scunthorpe to Southampton. There is also reaction to President Zardari's visit to Birmingham, including the first media interview with the shoe throwing protester who's actions brought the rally to a standstill. To listen to Desi Download - The Pakistan Floods - click on this link. It is only available online for a few more days so make sure to catch it. And please donate generously to aid organisations. Oxfam are one of the many organisations doing heroic work.

LATEST UPDATE: The Desi Download link has been corrected.

UPDATE: Apparently the link no longer works. The item is supposed to be available until Tuesday and I have contacted the producers for an update. In the meantime, check out this latest report on the floods from the BBC.