Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Countering the cuts myths

There is a growing amount of powerful analysis on the web taking apart the propaganda behind government cuts. The latest Red Pepper carries a succinct critique of some the myths being used to justify them, especially around the issue of debt. My Respect colleague Andy Newman does likewise. I stumbled across The Other Taxpayers Alliance website which is worth bookmarking. And the economist Mick Burke sent me a link to this LA Times story about Ireland, held up by some on the right as a successful example of how slash and burn policies can revive the economy. The reality is somewhat different, as Ireland finds itself 'with unemployment exceeding 13%, consumer demand crippled, and growing concern that it has been sucked into a downward spiral from which escape grows more difficult by the day.' 

We are all having to become economists these days and these are just a taster of some of the useful resources on the net to help us do us. If you have any others to recommend, please email me the link at: yaqoobsalma@yahoo.co.uk