Monday, 23 August 2010

Birmingham hit hardest by housing benefits cuts

According to the homelessness charity Crisis, Birmingham will be hit hardest by Con Dem plans to axe £1.8bn of housing benefits. Nearly 19,000 of the poorest households in the city will be directly affected, more than any other local authority in the country.

Leslie Morphy, chief executive of Crisis, sums up the impact: 

"The Government promised that in cutting the deficit it would protect the most vulnerable, but these figures show that thousands of those who are in greatest need will have their income hit when they can least afford it. As vulnerable private tenants see their income slashed they will inevitably fall into rent arrears or debt and face the spectre of homelessness.

The Government must totally rethink these cuts now. Not only would a surge in homelessness cause damage for generations to come in the West Midlands, it is also counter-productive. The costs to society of somebody who has lost their home are huge compared to keeping someone in accommodation."