Wednesday, 21 July 2010

War criminal still at large

Remember Tony Blair's claims about the deadly threat posed by Saddam? Remember his denials of any link between 7/7 and our foreign policy? It now transpires that the person best placed to make an accurate assessment of both, gave him completely the opposite advice. In her testimony to the Chilcott Enquiry, Lady Manningham-Buller, the head of the security services at the time, said she told Blair that Saddam posed a 'very limited' threat, that the invasion of Iraq would 'substantially' increase the threat of 'terrorism', and that the impact of our foreign policy had radicalised 'a few among a generation' of British muslims.

'Blair lied, thousands died' was a chant on the anti-war demos at the time. Instead of parading around the world as an elder statesman, Tony Blair should be on trial facing war crime charges. Shame on him, and shame on all those Labour MP's and councillors too spineless or indifferent to both Iraqi and British lives to stand up and be counted at the time when they were most needed.