Saturday, 17 July 2010

Steve McCurry exhibition

Earlier this week I managed to pop into the Waterhall Gallery to see the Steve McCurry retrospective. It is a fantastic exhibition, literally teeming with colour and humanity. McCurry is most famous for a striking photograph he took of the Afghan refugee Sharbat Gula and there is an interesting documentary accompanying the exhibition about his attempts to track her down nearly two decades later. I was not surprised to read on his blog that McCurry is a critic of the war in Afghanistan. He has too much love for humanity, and seen the reality of war up close in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to be indifferent to its devastating consequences. This exhibition is really not to be missed. To get a taste of what delights await, check out the galleries section on Steve McCurry's website. Well done to the staff at the Waterhall for providing the opportunity to appreciate the work of a great photographer.