Thursday, 29 July 2010

From Soweto to Gaza

When British Prime Ministers lambast Israel over its treatment of the Palestinians, you know something is in the air. Palestinian solidarity is reaching new heights as outrage over their suffering grows. Echoes of the anti-apartheid movement are strong and the lessons of that movement relevant.

In the 1970s and 1980s Soweto became a global watchword not simply for the murderous brutality of the racist Apartheid regime but also for the heroic resistance of the South African people. Solidarity with Soweto became a huge, popular international movement which helped isolate Apartheid.

Today, Gaza requires that same wave of support. To that end my friends in Philosophy Football have produced a delightfully simple T-shirt design on a non-profit making basis. They are actively supporting and raising funds for the September 2010 aid convoys to Gaza organised by Viva Palestina.

Not everybody can go on the convoy but we can all wear 'GAZA' on our chest and help spread the message of solidarity. The t-shirts are available in sizes S-XXL, plus womens' skinny-rib fit at JUST £9.99. They can be ordered here. Show your solidarity with the Palestinians and buy one today!