Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sarah Colborne exposes Israeli terrorism

I am really pleased to hear that Sarah Colborne is back in Britain. Sarah is the campaigns officer for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and one of the British activists kidnapped and detained by the Israeli's. In a press conference earlier today Sarah describes an ordeal in which:

• unarmed activists were shot by Israelis using live ammunition;
• the death toll of nine is likely to rise, because some activists remain missing;
• the Israelis ignored calls over the tannoy and on written signs calling for them stop firing and to evacuate the critically injured;
• the Israeli forces handcuffed members of the activists' medical team who were sent to help treat the injured.

Read the full report here. Well done Sarah. We are really glad to have you back with us. When you get some rest, come up to Birmingham and share your experiences.  Like you, we are even more determined after this latest Israeli outrage to ensure Palestinian solidarity hits new heights.