Monday, 28 June 2010

Pro war camp are losing the battle over Afghanistan

I thought The Big Question went well yesterday, especially the debate about Afghanistan. With even the head of the British Army casting doubt on the likelihood of the current NATO military campaign achieving success and calling for negotiations with the Taliban sooner rather than later, the debate is finally moving on to more sensible and honest ground. As I said on Sunday, it is simply only a question of time before formal negotiations with the Taliban and other insurgent leaders commence. The sooner that process starts, the better for the people of Afghanistan and for our troops and their families. I hope to post a response to concerns about a peace process on this blog tomorrow. In the meantime, you can watch Sunday's episode of The Big Question here.

The debate about this war is shifting. A space is opening up which the anti-war movement can fill.  Now is the time for us to go on an offensive of our own by explaining why the surge won't work and why a peace process can.