Sunday, 6 June 2010

New land and sea convoys to break the siege of Gaza

Yesterday's free Gaza demo was very large and very inspiring. If Israel thinks murdering peace activists will intimidate, they are seriously mistaken. Palestinian solidarity is set to hit new heights. As ever George Galloway made a great speech. You can listen to it here. And he announced plans for massive land and sea convoys in September. I intend to be on it. George has issued the following the press release.

“After extensive discussion in Istanbul I can announce that a land convoy will leave Britain shortly after the end of Ramadan in September this year and travel through Europe, down through Turkey and Syria into Jordan. We will ask the Egyptian government then to ensure passage from the port of Aqaba to Rafah and into Gaza.

“At exactly the same time a flotilla of boats will be leaving to tour the countries of the Mediterranean before heading for Gaza.

“These combined sea and land convoys will be co-coordinated by Viva Palestina with other organisations in Britain and with our friends throughout the Middle East and in Turkey.”

For more information please contact Alice Howard at Viva Palestina on 07889 726777 or Rob Hoveman on 07507 600561

Photo is of George with flotilla aid activist Kevin Ovenden on his return to Heathrow airport.