Wednesday, 2 June 2010

End the siege of Gaza - protest this Saturday

Like countless others across the world I am angry at Israel's latest murderous actions, frustrated at the way their lies dominate the airways, and worried about the fate of those kidnapped and detained. But when my emotions subside, one fact confirms itself again and again - Israel has scored a spectacular own goal. Their actions have provoked unprecedented condemnation from the United Nations Security Council, they have focused world attention on the barbarity of the siege of Gaza, and rather than intimidate Palestinian solidarity activists, Israeli brutality has only given birth to a new generation of campaigners. Even one the most servile states in the Middle East, the bankrupt Mubarak regime in Egypt  which earlier disgraced itself by deporting George Galloway and attacking Viva Palestina convoy supporters, has been forced to bow to public anger and open the Rafah crossing. After this latest outrage there is one thing we can say for certain - Palestinian solidarity will hit new heights. Those that have died have not died in vain.

This Saturday tens of thousands will take to the streets of London. They will be sending a message to our government that we want actions not words to force Israel to end its siege of Gaza  and a message to the besieged of Gaza that we will never abandon them. I will be joining them. I urge you as well.

Demonstrate against Israel's atrocities and for end to Gaza siege

Saturday 5 June • Gaza Flotilla March • End the Siege of Gaza: Freedom for Palestine Assemble Downing Street • London • 1.30pm • March to the Israeli Embassy. Called by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative, CND, Viva Palestina.

Coaches from Birmingham leave Carrs Lane, city centre (opposite Moor St station) at 8:30am
Tickets £12 (£6 unwaged/student), call Nick 07828 013 091 or Naeem 07721 427 690.