Sunday, 23 May 2010

BNP Not Welcome Here

Unite Against Fascism have a protest tomorrow, Monday 24th May, from 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m in Birmingham city centre. I intend on supporting it. More details, and a contact number, in the UAF press release.

The BNP threatens to demonstrate on Monday morning in support of a leading member, Adam Walker, whose case is to be heard at the General Teaching Council in Victoria square. He is accused of posting racially and religiously intolerant material on the internet using school equipment during school time. For information about the Adam Walker case see the following.

Birmingham is a multicultural city of which we can be proud. The BNP hopes to divide our communities and spread the poison of racism and Islamophobia. 

Please come to the rallies, celebrating multicultural Birmingham and opposing the hatred and lies of the BNP.

At 8:00 am there will be a rally with photo stunt for the media, involving toxic waste workers putting Griffin back in the bin.

At 12:30 there will be speakers including leading councillors, trade unionists and faith leaders. 
Please forward this information to whoever you think might be willing to help.

A Birmingham Unity Statement is shown below. This has already been signed by MPs, councillors and leading trade unionists.  Please sign it and get as many other people as possible to sign it.

Birmingham Unity Statement 

Birmingham is a great multicultural city whose diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Our children, in particular, are free to mix and learn with others from many backgrounds, enriching all our lives and making us a stronger society.

On Monday 24th May there is a threat that the fascist British National Party will again demonstrate in the centre of Birmingham in support of a member who is appearing before the General Teaching Council. They will be coming to our city to spread their racist lies and sow division.

They claim they are here to protect free speech. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are coming to Birmingham to protest and disrupt because they think teachers should have the right to spread racist and Islamophobic material on the internet from the schools where they are paid to teach.

We believe our schools should be places of tolerance and learning, not ignorance and hatred. In the recent elections the BNP were soundly rejected in nearly every seat that they previously held or threatened to take.

That is why we want to make it clear to the BNP that we are the majority. We are from all communities, from trade unions, from all faiths and none. We love our city, we love our diversity, and they are not welcome here.

To put your name to this statement, you can email your support to or call 07949622903.