Thursday, 15 April 2010

Vote Lib Dem and get a Tory

Some voters choose the Lib Dems because they think they are a progressive alternative to the Tories. Given how often they seem to put the Conservatives in power it is hard to understand why.

That’s certainly our experience in Birmingham. If you vote Lib Dem you get a Tory council, with all the job cuts, swimming pool closures, and reductions in services that inevitably follow.

There is no doubt that Labour’s handling of the economy has been disastrous. Gordon Brown has finally admitted that New Labour’s failure to control the banks was a mistake.  Unfortunately this admission is not ‘better late than never’ – the damage has already been done. What we need from Labour is a completely different course; one based on investing in our public services and not savage cuts.

But don’t say you haven’t been warned about the Lib Dems. They are not promising anything better than Labour’s mistakes. In fact, they are promising a whole lot worse.

The Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, Vince Cable, doesn’t mince his words. He says the country is “in for a nasty shock”, claiming that as many as 120,000 public sector jobs would be cut following the election.

Cable also made it very clear that he has little in common with Labour. There is, he said “a very, very fundamental disagreement between the two parties”. The Lib Dems are not going to form the next government. But they could very well help to decide who the next Prime Minister will be.

It’s the same old story. Vote Lib Dem and get a Tory.