Monday, 26 April 2010

Swastikas in Kings Heath Park

This morning I was shocked to see Nazi swastikas graffitied on signs and trees in my local Kings Heath Park. I was not the only one. The park is very popular with local residents and many stopped to express their anger and outrage to me at the sight of the vile Nazi symbols.

One local resident, Mr Rawicz, who is of Polish descent, talked about how his family knew only too well the reality of fascist hate. A number of us complained to the Park Rangers and called for urgent action to ensure the removal of the swastikas.

The far right are gaining confidence. They are feeding off the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric of the mainstream politicians. They pose a real threat and we have to be vigilant against them. They must not be allowed to embed their message of hate in British society. I am confident the British people will not let them. The only thing the racist vandals achieved is to deface a beautiful park and unite all the park users against them.