Friday, 2 April 2010

Some resident concerns

Resident associations are a vital part of the infrastructure of local democracy. They are invariably held together by selfless individuals who do lots of unglamorous but very important work for the betterment of their neighbours.

I attended two such meetings recently. Residents at Kinver Croft in Balsall Heath were preoccupied with beautifying their environment. They voted unanimously to take part in this years Britain in Bloom and had lots of ideas and enthusiasm about how their estate could have the strongest entry.

Residents in Fallows Road in Sparkbrook had issues of car burglaries and concerns about the local chicken factory to deal with. Police officers and ward councillors were are in attendance and the meeting voted for the installation of a CCTV camera. They also agreed to more formally organise themselves and elected a Chair and Vice Chair.

I forgot to take photos of the resident meetings so here is a picture of some flowers blooming in Kings Heath Park instead. It was taken at a time when it felt like Spring had arrived!