Thursday, 7 January 2010

Register to Vote

There will be a General Election and local council elections on 6th May 2010.

The Respect Party opposes the public service cuts proposed by the three old parties. We do not believe that ordinary people should be forced to pay painful price for the mess the bonus-hungry bankers have made of the economy.

We will be calling for an end to privatisation, public investment with an environmental job creation programme, pulling the troops out of Afghanistan and defence of our multi-cultural society against racism and Islamophobia.

We obviously hope you will vote for Respect. But whoever you wish to vote for your name must first appear on the electoral register. Unless you are registered you will not be able to vote in any of next year's elections.

For more details about registering to vote please visit where you can fill in an online form which you can then print off, sign and send to your local council.

In Birmingham you can phone the Birmingham City Council Electoral Services unit on (0121) 303 2731  for details on voter registration. You have until 20th April to register.

Remember, you can’t vote for anyone unless you are registered.