Friday, 2 April 2010

'A voice for all'

This weekend I will be busy distributing my new leaflet. Its theme is ‘A voice for ALL communities’. Its message is one close to my heart. Respect for each other, irrespective of race, faith or background, is the bedrock upon which our society rests. A celebration of Britain as being one society composed of many cultures, is at the core of our multicultural identity.

Unfortunately, this is a concept under threat. As this week’s regional election results in Italy once again highlight, the far right are growing across Europe. The responsibility for this lies with the mainstream parties. By their constant scapegoating of asylum seekers and immigrants, by their feeding of fear and ignorance about Islam and Muslims, by their failure to bridge the gap between rich and poor, the mainstream parties have left a sense of bitterness, betrayal and abandonment that has increased the growth of the far right.

The politics of racial and religious intolerance offers nothing to Britain but fear and hate. If elected I will try to use my position as MP to be a champion for all communities, to defend our multicultural values, and to be an advocate for a fairer and more equitable society for all. If you share these values and principles, I need your help to promote them.