Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Another protest at bankers daylight robbery

Another noisy protest against the banks made its way up the Stratford Road yesterday, following the equally lively demonstration at the end of March.

The banks have taken huge amounts of public money, have continued to pay extortionate salaries and bonuses, but despite all that government support they are not lending to the real economy in anything like the amounts needed. Local businesses are angry at the failure to release credit, which is threatening the jobs of many people in an area already suffering from high unemployment. Protestors carried coffins and placards accusing the banks of burying local businesses and jobs.

I accompanied local businessman, Gurt Singh, as he visited bank after bank asking for credit. Barclays, Nat West, Lloyds TSB and Halifax all got a visit. Some even took  fright and started locking up! The only robbery, of course, has been by the banks at the public's expense.

Once again we got a great response with lots of support from shoppers and shopkeepers, and plenty of beeping horns from passing drivers.