Tuesday, 6 April 2010

1,000 attend election rally

It has been a busy weekend, to put it mildly! Yesterday over 1,000 people attended a rally in Sparkbrook in support of my campaign to be MP. By any standards for a political meeting that’s a phenomenal turnout, made all the more impressive considering it was built pretty much by word of mouth and personal invite.

There was a powerful sense of unity at the event, with many prominent local Labour supporters in attendance and pledging support. A lot of people wanted to speak, so it was nearly two hours before the special guest speaker took to the podium. As ever, George Galloway was his insightful, powerful and eloquent self. George took time out from his own campaign in East London to travel to Birmingham to speak in support of mine and I owe a special thanks to him for doing so.

I was really touched by the warmth of the support I received yesterday. And to put the size of the event in perspective, when supporters of Labour’s Roger Godsiff and Lib Dem Jerry Evans tried to organize similar events, they attracted 30 and 80 people respectively.

Political pundits like to talk about ‘momentum’ in politics. Well, yesterday was evidence that my campaign has certainly got some, and it’s having an infectious impact!