Friday, 19 March 2010


I am a supporter of community radio and yesterday I was interviewed on Unity FM, which is based in Sparkbrook.

Its target audience is the Muslim community and the programme I was on specifically targets Muslim women. The show was in Urdu and presenter Azra Yousef put questions very much around the kind of issues that connected with her audience.

Azra asked about my journey into politics; how much my family supported me as an Asian women in politics; whether my parents were concerned the family name and reputation would be tarnished by my doing the work I do; how I juggle political life with being a daughter, wife and mother; in addition to raising broader issues including domestic violence and gender relations in the Muslim community.

I really enjoyed being on the show which was also a welcome opportunity to speak to several hundred Muslim women. Azra said she will be having me back on soon. I look forward to the invite.