Monday, 15 March 2010

'Sinister parallels of hatred'

“It is no exaggeration to say that you can pore over parliamentary debates, politicians' speeches and media exposes a century ago in London’s East End and, by substituting Muslim for Jew, find exact parallels with today's prejudiced ravings.

In 1902, Tory MP for Stepney Major William Evans Gordon complained that English families were being "ruthlessly turned out to make room for foreign invaders" and that in some schools "few English children are to be found."
He complained of widespread Yiddish advertising and the opening of synagogues.
Lurid stories circulated about Jewish religious customs and beliefs. Had the technology existed, there would certainly have been an undercover hatchet job on some Jewish organisation or other. Maybe other, more liberal, politicians might have engaged in theatrical walkouts from a traditional wedding and denouncing gender separate seating arrangements in the yellow press.”
Excellent and timely article by George Galloway. Read it in full here.

Photo is of myself and George at a recent Respect event in Birmingham. Thanks to SalShan Photography for its use.