Thursday, 4 March 2010

RIP Michael Foot

Former Labour leader Michael Foot has died. He always struck me as a unique figure who combined principle, intellectual rigour and engagement in the political fray. My condolences to his family in their time of loss.

There are a selection of tributes here. And below is an appreciation from Ken Livingstone which captures something of the man.

“Michael Foot was consistent in his politics and principles throughout his political life from the 1930s until his sad death today.

“He was right on the majority of issues when the political establishment were wrong as his staunch anti-fascism and his dedication to the abolition of nuclear weapons demonstrated.
“Michael was a founder member of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1950s and continued to be a dedicated and vocal member until this very day. He recently said in an interview ‘The most important question facing the human race is the one CND raised on that first march – why are we spending a fortune developing and storing weapons which will destroy the world? We haven’t made as much progress as we should have done, but the message is clearer now than ever before. The world should listen.’

“During my time as Mayor he regularly attended the annual Peace Party we hosted with CND and Stop the War.

“With the death of Michael Foot the movement have lost a true socialist, one of our foremost peace campaigners and one of the kindest of politicians.

“My thoughts and condolences are with his family.”