Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Representing ALL communities

Sunday's BBC Politics show ran a West Midlands based piece on the major political parties courting BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) votes to get elected in inner city Birmingham constituencies, namely Ladywood - one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnically vibrant areas in the country, but also one of the most deprived and under-developed.

I spoke to reporter Colin Pemberton about how, in my four years as a city councillor, I've championed issues important to all communities, from addressing the educational needs of disadvantaged white working class boys to Christmas lights and cross-cultural events. I strongly believe that it is not the role of elected officials of an minority ethnic background to only champion the causes of minority ethnic constituents. I see my role as being a voice for all communities.

You can watch the special BBC feature, presented by Patrick Burns, here.