Saturday, 27 March 2010

Close the Israeli Embassy

I fully endorse George Galloway’s calls for the closure of the Israeli embassy in London.

“I called for immediate action over Israel’s forging of British passports when this first became apparent,” says George Galloway. “The belated expulsion of a senior Mossad agent from London is welcome, but is nowhere near enough.

“The British government is warning UK citizens not to entrust their travel documents with Israeli authorities. That means that despite pleas from the Foreign Office it acknowledges that criminal copying of passports by Israel remains a threat.

“There needs to be a far wider investigation into Israel’s abuse of its diplomatic relations with Britain. Nothing less than a public inquiry will do. The British government, which refused to call for a ceasefire when Israel invaded Lebanon four years ago, cannot be trusted to tell us the full scope of this scandal.

“Just imagine the response if Iranian intelligence agents had forged British passports and used them to travel to Dubai and assassinate an Israeli official.

“There would be much more dramatic retaliation and at the very least the threat of military reprisal, and probably action itself.

“No one is suggesting that. But the Israeli embassy in London should be closed at least until we get to the bottom of this affair.

“Every British citizen travelling in the Middle East has been endangered by the actions of Mossad operating from the Israeli embassay in London. Protecting British citizens abroad demands nothing less than closing that centre of espionage at home.”