Saturday, 6 March 2010

Campaigning this weekend

This weekend I am going door to door in the Hall Green Constituency, listening to residents, and asking for their support for my General Election campaign. I really like this side of politics. There is simply no better way to find out what people think and I have been really heartened and enthused by the positive response I am receiving on the doorstop.

Respect election campaigns are always fun, and already this one is feeling extra special. If you have a free hour or two, come join me and the team. We are meeting tomorrow at 11.30am in car park of Muath Trust/Beardsley Centre B11 1AR, top of Stratford Rd and Camp Hill roundabout.

If you can’t make that time, but could do later, or would like to help in any, please ring our campaign hotline: 078 121 72885. Get involved, and let’s make a little bit of history together!