Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sparkhill Baths shut till 2012!

The Birmingham Mail has revealed what many of us suspected. Behind all the Lib Dem bluff and bluster, they have no plans to re-open Sparkhill baths till 2012. The consequences will be disastrous for the people of Sparkhill, an area of high population density and deprivation, who will continue to be denied a local swimming pool.

This decision further highlights the reality of exactly what influence the Lib Dems actually have with their Tory partners in the Council House. For all their talk about being in power in the council, the reality is they are only in office. It is the Tories who wield the power, and the Lib Dems are merely their bag carriers. Despite having two of the three councilors in Springfield ward, and one of their own as Cabinet Member for Leisure Services, they can do nothing to save the baths. They have failed the people of Springfield ward. The Lib Dems have become complacent and are using the seats they have to gain personal position rather than championing local people. 

 The Tories have given Lib Dem Martin Mullaney a Cabinet position for Sport and Leisure. Lib Dem Jerry Evans is the Constituency Committee Chair. But what have they delivered for local people? Only dashed hopes and broken promises with the loss of swimming for at least FIVE years!

Meanwhile, the people of Conservative ward Harborne are getting a refurbished swimming pool- and it was not shut in the first place - unlike Sparkhill Pool which has already been shut for two years!

Local people are beginning to see through the Lib Dem scam of using their votes in deprived areas to get Conservatives to give them positions in the Council - which are used to prop up better off Conservative areas rather than support local residents. That's why the Lib Dems only got a shocking 500 votes in the Sparbrook by-election in 2009! 

It's time these parasites were removed, and the electorate have an opportunity to do that in the coming elections in May.