Thursday, 18 February 2010

Morning Star interview

For those that missed my recent interview in the Morning Star, it is available online:

‘Most people offered the chance to debate with the occupants of a lions' den would politely decline and seek a friendlier venue.

Respect party leader and Birmingham councillor Salma Yaqoob is not most people.
Her recent appearance on BBC Question Time to discuss the war in Afghanistan and related issues saw one of the most unbalanced panels ever assembled.
She, in common with 70 per cent of people in Britain, is opposed to the war. All five of her fellow panellists - former army chief of staff General Richard Dannatt, Defence Minister Bill Rammell, Tory shadow minister William Hague, former NATO colonial governor in Bosnia Paddy Ashdown and journalist Piers Morgan - are in favour.
And for a venue, the BBC chose Wootton Bassett, the small Wiltshire town whose population is famed for unfailingly turning out in its main street to pay tribute to corteges of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
Despite this, unbiased viewers would concede that Yaqoob triumphed, winning support from the live audience.’ More here.