Monday, 1 February 2010

George Galloway on Question Time

This is one I will be glued to my TV for.

George Galloway will be appearing on BBC 1’s Question Time this Thursday at 10.35pm. The show is being broadcast from Coventry. Other guests are Clare Short, Lord Falconer and Melanie Phillips.

I was absolutely livid watching the soft ride Blair got at the Chilcot Inquiry, and at the arrogance he displayed throughout.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown gives a good flavour of the anger very many of us felt in today’s Independent:

“I wanted to be there, to look into the opaque eyes of our ex-Prime Minister, shake his obscene complacency and moral smugness, meet head on his disdain for international law, evidence, citizens of both Britain and Iraq. I discussed these reactions on Sky News and afterwards was driven back by an Algerian driver, who confessed he too had to stop watching from time to time, to calm down the storm building up inside his head. Neither of us is Iraqi. Imagine now what it must have felt like if you were, and like millions of them, against the war.”

Well, this Thursday George, and Clare, will be our voices. I will be cheering them both on.